A smartphone to declare your independence!

Being a retired vet my kids gave me a new cell phone to celebrate the 4th of July holiday. They said it was a good way to show how much they appreciated everything I did for them and our country! I worked in Intelligence in the Navy so I’m very sharp and pretty good at handling technology. I have had my old cell phone for quite a bit and never upgraded, there was no need to, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” right? My grandkids are always playing on their phones and tell me that my phone is old because it can only make phone calls… It’s a phone, why do I need to do more with it than that? Well my phone started acting up and I mentioned to my son that I was having issues with it so he surprised me with this phone called the Lg Ally.

I must say it’s a pretty well made phone, takes nice pictures and is almost like a little computer, but easier to use. It has a great keyboard so now I have gotten into texting with my grandkids; I love it because I get to talk to them almost every day now. Even more amazing is the fact that I have already dropped it several times and haven’t caused a scratch which is mind blowing. It’s a well engineered and user friendly phone; I’m not just saying it’s easy to use because it’s easy for me, I know a couple of my friends that got this phone too and they have said the same thing. At first I thought it was because I was so sharp but I guess it’s just the phone! One of the best things about it is that my son got it for free!

Since I hadn’t upgraded in a while I qualified for a free phone, and it’s an android phone so I can get a lot of nifty apps that come in quite handy very often. I can even be doing some task on the phone and listening to music at the same time, imagine that. I can check my email and facebook page while at the coffee shop using the wifi feature, and can even search the online map so I don’t need to use the atlas any more. It’s a whole world of information in my hands any time I want it and it couldn’t be easier to use, technology sure has come a long way.

For great cell phone packages this 4th of July Holiday visit www.intouchamerica.com or call (800) 500-0066. Happy Birthday America!

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