App of the Week… 11th December

Each week I will be looking for the latest & greatest app that I feel will be beneficial to our smartphone users. I will put together some information on 1-2 apps per week to help you decide if the apps would be right for you and your needs. Check back often, you never know how beneficial an app can be in your life until you learn about it!

Throughout our lives we spend a lot of time on the computer. The computer lets us do many things including writing and saving documents, saving pictures, looking up and storing recipes, etc. We often save these things in the “My Documents” folder on our hard drive so we can go back to them later. If you are anything like me you probably have many folders, many sub folders and a huge amount of documents saved so you can access them later. Have you ever needed to access something but you were not at home near your computer? Has your computer ever crashed and you lost all of your precious data? Finally there is a solution for these issues and an app to go with it.

Dropbox… simply put, is a free and secure online database that holds your documents, photos and videos, just as “my documents” does except it is online. Dropbox automatically saves your files to your computer, Android devise and the Dropbox website. You can access Dropbox from any computer at any time. Once you access your files you can edit and save them as you need. But what if you aren’t near a computer? There is an app for that! Download the Dropbox app and access your files while you are on the go. From your phone you are not always able to edit (depending on your phones capabilities) but if you can get the app you can access the files and even share them with your friends.

Access pictures that you have automatically downloaded to Dropbox, access your favorite recipe while you are at the store shopping for ingredients, save that important email attachment directly to your Dropbox or access that term paper you wrote but forgot to email to your instructor this morning. Become more efficient and stop stressing… Download the Dropbox app today!

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