App of the Week… Drippler

Do you have an android phone but not sure how to do much more than make a phone call? Are you overwhelmed by all the available features? DRIPPLER can help. It helps you discover new things about your android phone with new information for you every day. Anywhere from phone tips, the newest updates, great available apps and even accessories- Drippler is there to help you.

Once you download the app and log in, it will “analyze” your device and knows exactly what phone model, operating system and carrier you have. It then customizes the information it sends you, based on that information. It will tell you tips and tricks on how to use more of the features on your phone and how to be more efficient with what is available.

The app does a wide variety of things for its users. Get answers to your questions and questions from other people who also have your device. It will also let you know about hidden features on your phone and the steps to access those features. Are a lot of people experiencing the same issue with their device? Solutions are suggested along with ways to implement them. Are there new apps available or is there an app that would probably be great for you to have? Drippler will let you know about it and will give you a link to download the app. Is it time for your phone upgrade? Find out about the latest phones coming out. Were you not happy with the latest update, they can tell you how downgrade to the previous update. Is your phone running out of memory? They can teach you how to free up space on your phone.

Basically, if you have questions regarding anything that has to do with your phone, Drippler is there to help. Download Drippler today and become smarter about your smart phone!

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