Is Prepaid the best option for you?

Everyone has different needs when is comes to a cell phone. A parent might want the benefits of a Smartphone, a younger teenager might want a messaging and gaming friendly device, and a college student may need all of the above. There are so many choices between phones, plans and features which can be overwhelming for some people to decipher through the options. On top of all that, there is another big choice to make and that is deciding to go pre-paid or postpaid. What is the best option for you? They both have their pros and cons so will try to briefly look at both options.

There are advantages of Prepaid Service:
  • There is no Long Term contract.
  • There is no credit check (People with bad credit or no credit will be able to get service, were they normally would not get qualified).
  • All state and Federal taxes are usually included.
  • There is no monthly Bill.
  • There is no surprise overages, as your phone will stop working once the money in your account is used up.
  • You have strict control over your what you spend.
  • You may cancel anytime with a penalty.
  • Plan rates are far more competitive than postpaid plans for people who use a lot of minutes.
The disadvantages or Prepaid Service:
  • You have to pay full price for your phone. If you want a smartphone; it could cost you up to $600.00 for the latest models.
  • If you are not on auto-pay or forget to pay your bills; your phone will be disconnected.
  • If you don’t pay on time, you may lose your number.
  • You can’t make international calls from the phone even in the local coverage area.
  • You may not roam internationally outside of Mexico and Canada.
  • You will receive annoying text messages updating you about your balance after every call.
  • Customer service is very limited.
The advantages of Postpaid Service:
  • Substantial discounts on Phones (Especially Smartphones, i.e. iPhone)
  • Flexibility to choose different plans (including family plans to meet the needs of the entire family)
  • Your phone will not be turned off if you miss a payment. you will just have a late fee.
  • There are much lower plans available on postpaid for low users. For example InTouch America offers plans starting at $4.99/month. Available on postpaid only. Perfect for Seniors and low users.
  • No annoying phone or text messages from the carrier.
  • You may call and roam internationally.
  • Customer service and support is always available readily during business hours.
The disadvantages of Postpaid Service:
  • You have to sign an agreement for two years to get a big discount on a phone.
  • If you cancel your contract prior to the expiration; there will be an early termination penalty.
  • If you don’t have good credit you may not qualify for all the plans and services.
  • There is really not a good way of controlling the statement and limiting liability unless you have an unlimited plan.

As you can see there are clear advantages and disadvantages on both sides. You need to decide which program best suits your lifestyle and wireless needs. We feel that prepaid is a great option for teenagers who crave large amounts of MMS and data, have no credit and most likely are on a strict budget. It also gives parents control over their spending and they will not be surprised by a huge bill filled with overages that has sometimes ending up costing parents Thousands!

Postpaid is great for Seniors, low-users who want to enjoy a great low plan and not pay to buy a phone. It is also the best option for business people who need dependable voice and data service with no surprises throughout the country and maybe even abroad.

At InTouch America we offer both options and one of trained and friendly staff can discuss the pros and cons of each with you in detail and help you choose the option that is best for you. Regardless of postpaid or prepaid we only utilize the best CDMA and GSM wireless networks in the country, so you can rest assured that you are getting a reliable connection. You may reach us at (800) 500-0066 or contact us here

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