Are you overpaying on your Cell Phone Plan?

Everyone has a cell phone these days but not everyone is on the right plan. We hear so much about unlimited talk and text plans; as appealing as that sounds the average user does not need anywhere near unlimited minutes. More often than not the unlimited plans are a waste of money to the consumer, based on their usage. The average cell phone user uses around 460 minutes per month with many people using under 150 minutes per month. This amount is nowhere near the unlimited amount of minutes one often thinks they need. Considering the cost of your cell phone plan and the minutes included in that plan; based on research customers often pay anywhere from $.50 – $3.00 per minute.

The average customer only uses about a third of the minutes in their cell phone plan, or they are paying for unlimited plans when their actual usage would fall into a much lower and less expensive plan bracket; therefore the rest of the minutes are paid for but wasted. Although that is a good thing for the cell phone company it is bad for the individual user. In times like this no one can afford to give away money. I would highly recommend everyone looking at their bill on a monthly basis, as studies show most people do not review their entire bill each month. If you see you are using less minutes than your plan allows then contact your cell phone provider and see what other plans are available. If you do not understand your bill or just aren’t sure, your representative should be able to review your account and make sure you are on the plan that’s best for you.

The point of having a business is to make money but that should never be at an unfair expense to the consumer. Honesty and integrity are much more important than nickel and diming customers into higher bills. Make that call today and make sure you are on the plan that is best for you.

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