Back to school with a cell phone?

Well, as much as I hate to say it, summer is almost over. There is only one good thing about summer ending… the kids are going back to school! They can no longer sleep all day, stay up all night and beg you to go, go, go as soon as you get home from work. Their new source of entertainment will be school activities, homework and friends. As a working mom I am not able to pick the kids up right after school so they stay on campus for a couple hours until I am off of work, although sometimes they really just want to leave with their friends. In the summertime they wanted me to take them every place imaginable but during school they don’t want me to take them anywhere because they rather go with their friends instead. While I am usually fine with this it used to make me nervous because I felt that I never knew exactly where they were and it was somewhat difficult to track them down at times. Those days are over now. During the last school year I bought both of my daughters a cell phone, nothing super fancy, and not to chat all day with their friends, but so I can reach them when I really need to. With an inexpensive plan through InTouch America for about $10 a month I got 2 hours of free calls and a free phone for each of them. It has worked like a charm! I can reach them at any time and they know the rules: they must answer the phone whenever I call (and having a dead battery is an unacceptable excuse), if they go over their minutes or text package the phone will be taken away & if the phone is taken then they can’t go anywhere with their friends because I won’t be able to reach them. They have not gone over their minutes yet because they want to be able to keep their phones and of course hang out with their friends. InTouch America packages are super reasonable and there is something for every budget as the plans start at only $4 per month!

I debated whether I should get the girls a phone or not due to their young age. One is nine and the other is eleven but this has been a win-win situation for us all. The phones have somehow made my girls more mature and I’m very happy about this decision. It gives them the freedom they are looking for to hang out with their friends, while giving me peace of mind knowing they are always only a phone call away! It’s also wonderful that they have not been grounded for a very long time and it’s all because they don’t want to lose their cell phone privileges!

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