Basic to Smart, What phone will you choose?

Debating on a new phone? What type of phone? In these days there is a wide variety of phones in the market, for example: basic, texting, or smartphones. There are many decisions to make when it comes to getting a new phone. At InTouch America we provide our customers with the answers to all your questions.

If you only need a phone for emergency and do not need all the commotion of texting or internet then we would recommend phones like the Samsung Knack or the UTStarcom CDM-7076. Both phones have an easy to use interface, comes with alarm clock, calendar, calculator, and a speaker. No need for texting or data packages for these phones.

Is texting your way of communicating? Then a Motorola Rival or the LG Extravert would be the ones for the job! The Motorola Rival comes in white with black or purple with black as for the LG Extravert it comes in Black with red style. These phones are small and sleek to easily place in your pocket or purse. Once it comes to texting just slide the QWERTY keyboard out and you are ready to type your message! You will not hassle with pressing two to three times to get one letter any longer! These phones also have touch sensitive spots for touch screen use. Texting phones do not need a texting package but we highly recommend adding one if you are a high end user. Texting plans beginning at $3.49 – with 100 text messages a month.

The world of wonders you can do with a smartphone! But is it the right one for you? Most of the smartphones are touch screen and only one to three buttons on the face of the phone. QWERTY keyboards Smartphones are also available for those that still want the feel of the keys. Smartphones can get email, applications, and browse the web. There is also to think about which platform to use, Android, IOS, or Windows. Some suggested QWERTY keyboards are the LG Ally and the LG Enlighten or for a full touch phone the Apple Iphone, Samsung Exhibit, or any of the Samsung Galaxy series. All of these phones will require time to get use to because of the interface. Texting plans are available on these phones but are not required. Although, Data plans are required to search the web, obtain emails, and some applications will also need the data feature or else they will not work properly. 2GB data packages begin at $30.00 month and can be added to most plans.

Now that you know the differences between basic, texting, and smartphones what will you choose? If you still need help in deciding or need a bit of more insight on these types of phones call us at (800)500-0066. We will go through all the procedures on what phone can and cannot do for you. We will accommodate to your need of the phone and features.

By Judith Flores

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