Best cell phone plan for Seniors


Do seniors need all these fancy new phones that keep getting bigger and bigger? It’s hard to tell if these devices are phones or a mini computer. So many features and bells and whistles when the only thing that most of our senior citizens want is a great phone to make and receive phone calls.

Not everyone wants a large phone that acts as a mini computer. There is a small but growing share of that market is made up of grandparents, great aunts, and independent seniors across the country who are looking to avoid the hassle, extra money, and confusion of bloated plans and super fancy phones.

Providers like InTouch America have taken notice. Today there are plenty of plans targeting specifically at seniors who don’t want to watch YouTube videos on demand, but want to be able to stay connected and in touch. With so many different options which one should you choose?
Most of the major carriers have “senior plans” that cater to cell phone users in their golden years. They’re structured similarly to regular plans, but generally have fewer minutes and fewer frills—great for letting you stay connected to friends and family at a cost lower than their full service plans. The contracts last a standard two years, and there isn’t much variation; almost all of the plans will have you paying a one-time $35 activation fee and about $30 per month for around 700 minutes.
Outside of the larger carriers, there are a number of smaller companies that cater specifically to seniors and provide a little more flexibility. Carriers such as InTouch America have plans as low as $7.99 per month—ideal if your primary concern is to have a phone for cases of emergency. They also include free easy to use cell phones to go with the easy simple phone plans.
These small plans often translates into the biggest savings. Smaller carriers use the same 4 major networks but offer more flexibility and better prices. The coverage is the same and seniors save hundreds of dollars annually activating with these smaller providers.

Seniors need to have a clear sense of what their expected phone usage will be, and what add-ons are necessary and worth paying for and which you can forgo. Recent data from Nielsen found that people over 65 placed or received, on average, 99 calls per month. Why prepay for a bunch of minutes that you will not use every month? That’s what happens when you activate service with one of the 4 large major carriers. There are no $8-15 monthly options.

Most major carrier plans offer data as a forced bundle. Most seniors will never use this feature and end up paying an extra fee every month for 2 years for as service that they won’t use. Education and customer awareness of all available options is key. Customers should know exactly what their monthly needs are for minutes, text and data. Based on that they can take inexpensive custom packages from smaller carriers without breaking the bank.
InTouch America offers such plans. There is tons of flexibility, no contract options, free phone offerings, and 3 months of free service on any new activation. Representatives will custom tailor phone packages based on the needs of the individual customer so the customer is not prepaying for services that are needed. This equates to huge savings for the customer.

Please call InTouch America at 800-500-0066 if you are interested in an account evaluation and to find out how you can save big on your current cell phone bill or to activate an inexpensive phone if you have never had one. InTouch America is proud to make cell phone service more affordable for our seniors and their families and would love to give you a rate quote and recommendations without any obligation to sign up.

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