Blackberry Curve 2

About a year ago I decided to make a change and jump into the Smartphone world by switching to a Blackberry.  My previous phone was the Samsung Rogue, which I found lacked some of the features that I had wanted such as e-mail support. 
The obvious solution was to finally go with a Blackberry, a phone that many had told me would provide me with the features that I desired.  I was a little apprehensive at first because I felt the Blackberry was perfect for a doctor, lawyer, or business executive.  The Average Joe like myself did not need one in my opinion. 
There were some adjustments to make once the Blackberry was activated, the biggest for me was the keyboard and navigation.  Most phones are set up the same, you just need to figure out where the most used features are located at.  The Blackberry’s keyboard is set up a tiny bit differently than your average QWERTY keyboard phone, learning what to push in order to get the character I need took some getting used to. 
The features the Blackberry has are pretty awesome though.  RIM, the company that makes Blackberry, constantly updates their software and always working towards finding applications that will help improve your Blackberry experience.  The menu is easy to navigate through and setting up things like your e-mail is simple with their built-in tutorials. 
There are a couple of things about the Curve 2 that I feel that RIM could improve with their next phone release, the camera and the processor.  I find that browsing the web is slower than with some other phone that I have had and the camera lacks the mega-pixels that I desire… as well as a flash.  I like having a decent camera on my phone so I found the camera to be lacking in an age where other phones have many more features regarding their cameras.
As far as the web is concerned, I don’t really use it that much and when I do, it’s mainly to pages that are not image intensive so the fact that it is a tad slow leads me to suspect that it is in fact the memory/processor in the phone.
I like the fact that the Blackberry has an integrated music player however the software for it lacks some of the more personalized user settings.  I find that making playlists is time consuming and the music player software does not give me the amount of control that I am used to.  I should be able to just drag and drop files into my playlist via my computer but alas the software thwarts this attempt.  I love to listen to music in my car while I am driving and I have an auxiliary port that allows me to just hook up a cable from the stereo to my phone so to not be able to customize playlists via my PC, I find myself having to navigate through the music player while driving (a big no-no!)
All in all the Blackberry Curve is an easy to use and stylish phone.  It does what I want it to with ease and I feel it’s one of the best phones I have ever had!

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