Cameras on cell-phones

This week I’m going to be talking about cameras on cell-phones. Some people use it to document their day to day activities on social media websites like Facebook and Instagram or some people just use it to capture moments where you don’t have a regular camera on hand.

For me personally I use my iPhone camera for everything! People don’t realize that these days the camera on your phone probably has more mega-pixels then your digital camera (which is probably collecting dust in the top drawer of your desk somewhere). I think this is a good thing; a digital camera takes up space and is usually very heavy. Why not mash the two together? Interestingly enough this is already happening. Samsung has come out with what they call a ‘Connected Camera’ The Samsung Galaxy Camera. It’s a digital camera but you can instantly share your images using your mobile network on the camera. Yes, you read correctly the camera has its own 4G LTE capability to connect to all your favorite social media sites or even just email your pictures via your mobile data package. Pretty amazing and makes a lot of sense (we all know once you find your digital camera in the desk somewhere all dusty and use it, then the images sit in the camera till we have the energy to find the cord and upload them to a computer).

People are also forgetting that having a camera on your cell phone is useful for MANY other things. For example, when getting into a car accident usually you don’t have a digital camera on you or in the car, but you most likely will have your cell phone on hand. That’s a great way to show your insurance company the damage that was done with a specific time stamp on it so that there is no confusion about when it was taken. These days even the most simplest of phones have a camera on them.

Now sometimes a camera on your phone isn’t a good idea. That’s how most employers feel about company cell phones. My mom works for Bank of America and on her BlackBerry that was provided by them, there is camera on the phone. But when you go to open the camera feature on it, the phone shows an error message “The Camera Feature on Your Phone Has Been Disabled for Security Reasons”. Companies disable this feature or just get phones without cameras to avoid legal problems. These problems can range anywhere from personal images being taken and sent to other employees to employees taking pictures of personal documents from work.

Interesting juxtaposition, you use your cell phone camera to take personal images but sometimes those images can be used against you in a court of law or even your significant other can see something that you wanted to keep private.

Hmmm, well as long as you’re using it in the right way and know your employers policy you should be ok!

Now for “Phone of The Week”, both phones this week have excellent camera qualities and are a great option for both the seniors and the techy’s!

My pick for the Senior-Friendly phone this week is:

Samsung U-340 Snap! This phone has a great VGA camera that can handle all your photographic needs from the daily phone user to the emergency phone user. This is a great phone with high volume and a LCD Color screen with a resolution of 128×160 pixels.

InTouch America is offering the Samsung Snap for free with any New Activation on plans starting as low as only $7.99 per month! Great for low users and seniors.

The iPhone 4S is only $79.99 plus tax on any new activation with one of our unlimited talk and text plans starting as low as $59.99 per month!

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Thank you for reading this week’s Tech Kid Blog!

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