Cell Phone History

Cell phones have been around for over 37 years, becoming commercially available in 1983. Almost 30 years later, there are more cell phone telephone subscribers then there are wire-line subscribers. I’ve heard of people getting a cell phone for their 5 year old and I’ve heard of centenarians with cell phones. There truly is no limit to the cellular industry consumer and demand!

The very first cell phone (called a hand-held mobile phone) was produced in 1973 and the inventor helped a manufacturer develop what is considered to be the grandfather of the cell phones out there today. A cell phone is basically a fancy walkie-talkie, that’s it! It’s not a Sci-FI TV show communicator device. It’s not some magical scepter that grants wishes. It is not the special key that will prevent a nuclear holocaust. It’s just a portable phone that runs off of radio waves. No matter how great your carrier is, look at the absolute basic technological force behind a cell phone, radio waves.

So what makes a cell phone different than a cordless phone you have set up in your phone? A cordless phone has a base set up in one location and you use the phone within a certain number of feet of the base location. A cellular or mobile phone, runs off of cellular towers that are situated usually all over the area. While using the phone and you come in contact with another tower, the technology and network automatically switches your connection to the next tower, also known as a cell site, without any interruption of service. What causes a dropped call is either a fluctuation in the radio waves you are picking up from the cellular site or that you are too great of a distance in between cellular sites.

Now radio waves do fluctuate, there really is no way to prevent the waves from fluctuating. Radio waves do not fluctuate due to malicious intent, there is no evil corporation plotting for the radio waves you are picking up to fluctuate at a certain time so you drop the call. It just happens. Same as when you are sitting at a stop light and you hear your radio in your car switch from commercials to static.

Next time you see the neighborhood kids with a walkie-talkie remind yourself you have the big kid version. Granted our version is much cooler however I would love to get a cell phone that had a famous comic book super hero on it like those kids’ walkie-talkies.

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