Cell phone operating systems – Android

Following up with last week’s blog we are continuing our conversation on operating systems for smart phones!

Now on to the next operating system, Android! I have mixed feeling about all Android based phones, but we will get to my opinions at the end. Android, made by Linux, is primarily for touch screen based phones and was originally backed by Google (who eventually bought the company in 2005). The android software has basically taken over the smart phone arena. Nearly 64% of the smart phone market is powered by android. Their user interface can come off as a little complicated to use at first, but once you get used to it you fall in love! (or so I hear) The Android is centered on their ‘Multiple Sliding Home Screens’ and their excellent Google integration. On every android you will have the Google search bar on top of your home screen for easy online searching. They also have a great store for downloading applications called ‘Google Play’. The store has MILLIONS of apps and you can even create your own app and submit it into the store for download (which is great for younger developers testing their applications)!

Android also has the most easily customizable phone, compared to the other operating systems out there; you can almost change everything on the phone from font to color themes. They also started the ‘Haptic Feedback’ trend, where when you push something on the screen it gives a little vibration to know that you pushed the item. I’ve used an android before for a few months and yes I did start to love it. But one thing that bothers me about the Android operating system is that when you’re in a rush and you want to do something quickly on your phone there is a lot of back peddling through apps or sometimes there’s so much running in the background that the phone starts to lag. In the end Android is a great operating system, but it still has a couple little quarks that need updating.

This week I will be choosing a senior friendly smart phone, I know what you’re thinking but it’s true. The Samsung Illusion is very easy to use (once you get used to using a fully touch screen interface) and has some great software packed inside of it. It’s also a great size and can fit easily into your pocket.

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Thank you for reading this week’s Tech Kid Blog!

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