Cell phone operating systems – iOS

Welcome back for the last installment of the Operating Systems blog!

Now for my favorite operating system on a cell phone; iOS!

Apples created such an easy to use interface for users that it almost became boring when they didn’t change anything about the main design until just recently with the release of iOS 7. The operating system is ONLY available on Apple devices and there’s usually only one or two new Apple iPhones out a year. So the software is important. They’ve made a lot of things very simple yet powerful on the phone. For example syncing with your iTunes to make your phone an iPod was a great decision! iOS is probably the best phone to sub as an MP3 player. The phone also has its own calendar, email, and weather apps that work amazingly.

All of the pre-stored apps on the phone are awesome; they have a very clean white look that always makes things easier for the user. It also has its own iOS to iOS device messaging system. Much like BlackBerry had the BBM (BlackBerry messenger) iOS has the iMessage. In October of 2011 Apple introduced ‘Siri’ to the iOS devices. It was branded as an ‘In phone personal assistant and knowledge navigator’ that you can ask anything and it will go through your phone and find you an answer, but honestly 90% of all iPhone users voted ‘Siri’ useless in 2012 (and to be honest she doesn’t really understand what your trying to say half the time). I have an iPhone and LOVE the iOS system, it makes everything I do on a day to day basis easier and saves me some time. I’ve grown to love the same old in app colors and the same look it’s had for years.

The final choice is the iPhone 5S, this is the latest in the iPhone collection. It has Finger Recognition for entrance to your phone. It also has one of the fastest processors in phone history, using processors they put in computers. The camera is also very good for only being 8 Mega Pixels compared to the LG G2. In the end this would have to be my favorite Phone and operating system out of the bunch!

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