Cell phone operating systems – Windows 8

For the next few weeks we will be talking all about cell phone operating systems. Much like computers there only a few systems that monopolize the whole cell phone industry; Windows 8, Android, and Apples iOS. All the operating systems have their own good features and some very annoying features, but everyone has a preference and usually sticks to it.

Let’s start with Windows 8. The user interface at first is very appealing and seems to be supporting the ‘Easy’ smart phone software’s. With its large colorful tiles that change and move you feel like you will be able to easily navigate through the phone. But once you start to use the phone a lot you realize that most of the tiles become useless and are never used. Windows 8 Mobile is made by Microsoft, who consistently pushes their partners products down the user’s throat. For some people who like to utilize a lot of storage space on your phone this can become very annoying because you’re stuck with all these unwanted apps that are pre-stored on your phone and CANNOT be uninstalled. Ok so as you can tell I’m not very fond of the Windows 8 Mobile operating system BUT I do like the messaging app. It’s very clean and makes SMS texting very simple. And Microsoft has been wise enough to partner with some great smart phone manufacturers and even helped bring some old manufacturers back from the dead (cough- Nokia- cough).

Now for the apple iOS and Android you will need to stayed tuned till next week, as those are my favorites and current phones operating systems, it might take me some time to gather my thoughts on this one 😉 Have a great weekend techies!!

This week I’ll be choosing one phones with Windows operating systems.

My first choice is going to be the Nokia Lumia 520, this phone runs on Windows 8 for mobile and has a very nice feel to it. They come in a couple different colors, all very vibrant. The phone itself is relatively smaller than most touch screen smart phones on the market but don’t let the size fool you this phone has a lot of power behind it.

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