Cell Phone Security

Haven’t bothered to password protect your smartphone yet? You might regret the oversight the next time you leave your handset at your local coffee shop or worse, after its stolen by a pickpocket. After all, your cell phone probably contains a lot more information than just your address book. There’s your email to consider, your precious photos and sensitive documents, and all those stored usernames and passwords for access to your facebook, twitter, and online banking accounts. Luckily, you can protect your iphone, android phone, blackberry, or other make of smartphone in just a few easy steps.


The first step in smartphone security – activating your handsets password lock, couldn’t be easier.

For iPhone: tap the settings icon, the select general, password lock, and follow the instructions

For Android: Go the applications launcher, tap settings, select location & security, and tap “set up screen lock.

For BlackBerry: Got to the options menu and select security, password, set password.

For other smartphone platforms, like WebOS or Windows Phone: Go to the settings menu and look for security options, you’ll probably find the password lock settings there.
Once you’ve chosen a password and hopefully its not “1234” or your birthday, you’ll need to decide how long your phone will stay unlocked after you’ve entered your password, five minutes give or take is a good recommendation

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