Cell Phone vs Life Alert in an Emergency

Are you a senior living alone or do you want to live alone?
Are you scared of what could happen to you if someone is not close by to help you in an emergency?

If you have considered getting a home monitoring system I would like you to consider another option… a cell phone. Often times we think of cell phones as an expensive luxury but they do not have to be thought of in that way anymore.

InTouch America has designed a cell phone plan specifically for seniors that would only need to use their phones in emergency situations; take a look at the comparison below:

In Home Monitoring System
Through Life Alert
Cellular Phone
Through InTouch America
Installation/ establishment fee $295 $36
Equipment Charge Included in $295 installation $0.00
Monthly Charge $49.95 $4.99
Can equipment / installation charge be waived No Yes with a monthly plan of $7.99 or higher which would include free calling minutes every month
System range 150 feet within home Nation wide
Shipping time of unit Ships within 2 days Ships same day
Price Guarantee 3 years Lifetime of service
Contract Required 3 years NO contract if you have your own phone – 2 year contract if we give you a free phone

Not only is a cell phone more cost effective but some huge benefits are that it is with you wherever you go and you can call anyone, you are not restricted to just calling a call center for help.

Unlike home monitoring systems you can now feel free to go to friend’s houses, walk the dog or drive to the store, you will always be just a phone call away from help, or anyone else, if the need arises. Living alone no longer needs to be scary and more importantly you no longer need to stay confined to your home to feel safe …now you can feel safe wherever life takes you!

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