Cell Phones, a new means of birth control?

The next time your pocket vibrates or rings it might be a death toll for your sperm! According to a review published in the Journal of Andrology that examines the links between cell phone radiation and your little swimmers. Several studies have shown that men who use cell phones have decreased sperm concentration, slower sperm, or damaged sperm, compared to average men who don’t use cell phones. In general, men who use cell phones the most are at a higher risk.

Now don’t get scared and decide to throw your cell phone out yet, it’s where you carry your phone that matters! Research has found that men who carried cell phones on their hip or worse in their front pocket had slower swimming sperm, and less concentrated sperm, both of which could cause fertility issues. In another recent study researchers subjected human sperm in lab dishes to one hour of cell phone radiation, this caused sperm abnormalities, including sperm that had problems attaching to eggs.

One research team placed rats in special cages with cell phones just inches from the bottom of the cage. After exposing the rats to cell phone radiation for 6 hours a day for 18 weeks, the research observed a 25 percent drop in the rats sperm. Well at least we found a way to control the rodent population.

Let’s hope that this serves as a wake up call to those men in their productive years who like to keep their cell phones in their pants pocket, said Joel Moskowitz Ph.D. director of the University of California, Berkeley’s Center for Family and Community Health

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