A Happy Ending, Saved by the Cell…

Last year my mother Lynn fell and broke her hip. She is 74 and lives alone.

My mom loves to work in the garden in her big backyard. One day she was in her garden when the neighbor’s dog got out and was chasing every critter in sight. Lynn said she noticed the dog but didn’t worry much since he was friendly and always came over for a treat. Suddenly, the dog spotted another squirrel and took off. My mom was between the squirrel and the dog so as the dog ran past her, she was knocked down hard.

She used the cell phone in her pocket to call for help and was taken to the hospital. She is now fully recovered but you’re probably wondering where is the bright side to this story?

A few months ago I got my mom a $3.99/month senior cell phone plan. Mom was reluctant at first because she felt she was older, didn’t need it since she hardly left the house and didn’t want to learn a new gadget. She put up a good fight but I insisted and won! She got a small phone that easily fit in her pocket with my number programmed in speed dial. She pushed one button and reached me immediately. I told her to hang up and call 911. The paramedic said she was smart to have a cell phone and that it saved her from lying there for hours waiting helplessly. He also said, many times they witness similar situations with patients that were not able to call for help right away and not having this simple tool almost cost them their lives.

I am grateful to “InTouch America” for offering this inexpensive plan that is just perfect for our limited needs. InTouchAmerica’s $3.99 Senior Plan gives us peace of mind and security, knowing help is just a phone call away. Free Roaming & long distance, Free cell phone, and Free Shipping all for $3.99/month and $0.15/minute!

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For details, call Monday-Friday at 877-VIP-TALK or 877-847-8255. InTouchAmerica has been in business since 1988 with an “A” rating and I highly recommend them. It could just save your life! – Julie M.

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