Kids & Cell Phones

Everyone has a cell phone these days and my kids were no exception to the cell phone “I have to have it” bug.

I was worried about getting them a cell phone because I have heard of cases where kids use the cell phone so much that the parent’s bill ends up to be hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

I had to find a way to not let that happen! I looked into standard prepaid, which would control the cost, but I do not like the idea because the service is often unreliable and the point of having a phone is to have it in case of emergency, what if they can’t get a signal or I was a day late in paying the bill and the phone turned off completely? Then I found InTouch America, they have this amazing cell phone plan where it gives you minutes, text and data at a very affordable rate.

The added bonus is that if you reach your limit on any of the three, that particular feature will turn off instead of the entire phone, and I can add extra minutes whenever I need to. This gave me the peace of mind to know that even if my kids go through their minutes they will still have access to texting and data and I will still be able to reach them.

This program with InTouch America has kept my cost down and taught my kids a sense of responsibility. They have learned to budget their usage so they don’t run out of minutes and it has worked out great. My daughter even came to me the other day with $5 and asked if I could turn the text messaging back on. Although I was skeptical at first, these phones have been the best decision I have made in a long time.

Thank you InTouch America for giving us such great affordable plans & service. They have suited the wireless needs of the entire family so perfectly.

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