Cell Phones for the Elderly: Reviewing the Best Low-Cost Cell Phones for Seniors

cell phones for elderly

Over the hill doesn’t have to mean out of touch.

While elders don’t need all the fancy add-ons and extra gadgets that come with modern cell phones, they have the full right to enjoy a mobile device. A mobile device keeps them connected with their friends and family, and it gives you peace knowing they can reach you if something happens.

Because they don’t need all the extras, there are tons of low-cost phones perfect for elders. Not only are they low-cost, but they are also easy to use and understand. 

Below are some reviews of the best cell phones for elderly adults. Keep reading to know which phone to purchase.

Best Value 

One of the best phones to help lower your cell bill while keeping someone with the time is the Nokia 3.1 Android One. It doesn’t have all of the stuff you don’t really need, and it’s worth its value. 

The front screen allows for large font and clear visibility. Many elderly adults experience some degree of vision loss, so a large screen is certainly a plus. 

If the ability to take photos is a must, this Nokia comes with a good camera and plenty of storage. Plus, the plastic back of the phone is comfortable when holding the phone to take a photo. 

Best Flip Phone

There are plenty of benefits to a flip phone. Smartphones often come with applications and abilities that are desired but not needed. Go back to the basics with the Kyocera Cadence LTE. 

This flip phone comes with a bright screen, perfect for anyone with difficulty seeing messages. Not only does it have a bright display, but the battery is long-lasting. 

We all know some elderly adults, even some young adults, with poor memory. Luckily, if they forget to charge it at night, it’ll still probably be alive in the morning. Having a charged phone is important in case of an emergency. 

Best Lifespan

One of the best phones for seniors with a knack for technology is Samsung Galaxy S8 Active. This phone allows for just about anything while also having top-notch durability. 

Many senior adults are still active and love exploring. This phone is great for that because it’s able to live through being dunked in water and covered in dust. You never know what could happen in the great outdoors. 

The camera is also great, and the phone allows for plenty of storage space. This means tons of room for award-winning travel photos and sunset moments. 

The Best Cell Phones for Elderly Adults

If you are on the search for the best cell phones for elderly adults, look no further. We have a few right here for you to try out! They come with a variety of capabilities and perks to fit any need. 

Many phones for elderly adults come with great display screens that allow for large font and durability standards high enough for any casualty.

For the latest in plans, phones, and cell phone news, check out the rest of our site today.  

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