Cell phones have become a way of life

For many people cell phones have become a way of life but some of us can still remember the simplicities of life when we didn’t feel required to be at every ones beckon call, when we went about our day and checked our answering machine when we got home and we actually went places to handle our business such as banking and shopping instead of just conducting life on our phones. People have become so dependent on their cell phones that some people do not know how to function without their cell phone within arm’s reach…

Did you know that…………

  • 27% of people said they had trouble doing things because they didn’t have their cell phones on them.
  • 42% of people will actually turn around after leaving the house just to get their cell phone.
  • 37% of people use their phone to do online banking, and they forgot where their bank is.
  • 13% of people pretend to be on the phone in order to ignore the people around them.
  • 15% of people use their smart phones to access twitter and even more access Facebook.
  • 27% of people actually use their cell phones to make calls only, no texting or pictures.
  • 29% of people say they turn off their phones just to get away.
  • 65% of people still don’t own a smart phone.
  • 70% of people use their phones for entertainment purposes when bored.
  • 57% of people “check their calendar” on their phone to see when they have free time or to make an appointment.
  • 99% of people under the age of 20 don’t understand how people survived without cell phones 20 years ago!!

Cell phones are definitely a necessity and I think everyone should have one in case of an emergency. Along with this basic function, ideally cell phones should make everyday life more efficient but they often bring the feeling that one needs to always be on their phone for one reason or another. Before long we will look around and our kids will be going off to college, our reflection in the mirror will have gotten older and we will still have business that “can’t wait” to handle on our cell phones. My suggestion; put the phone down or turn it off for an hour each day, enjoy your family and all that is going on around you. It might be a little nerve wracking at first but I’m sure you can handle it and you will soon realize that not being glued to your phone 24/7 brings a refreshing sense of freedom. Live a little… without cell phone dependency.

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