Cellular Data and the importance of using Wi-Fi on your cell phone

This week I want to teach you guys a bit about Cellular Data and the importance of being connected to Wi-Fi on your cell phone. Some people don’t really understand what it’s used for and how the data is calculated. I want to keep this short and simple as people are already confused enough about it teehee!

Most people don’t realize that just by clicking your favorite app on your phone or checking your emails, you’re using what’s called cellular data. Cell phone providers usually do NOT have an unlimited cellular data plan (we wish) but they do have plans with more and more data available for purchase. Now, a lot of people who get an unlimited talk and text plan will usually be required to get some type of data plan on their account. For example if you sign up for one of our Unlimited Talk and Text plans you will also receive 500MB of data. This is only enough data for very little use. I always tell my customers who have this plan that the data should only be used for sending MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). That’s another thing, most people don’t realize that when you send OR receive a picture or video message to and from your friends or family that your really using cellular data. That’s why the Unlimited Talk and Text plan we offer has 500MB of data for the picture messaging!

Now let’s talk the importance of being connected to Wi-Fi WHENEVER and WHEREVER possible. Just by linking your phone with your home Wi-Fi network you have the same great internet speed you get on your home computer and more importantly you’re not using the cellular data from your plan. So you can browse the internet, stream your favorite movie on Netflix or just read your emails all night long and you won’t be using your cellular data, your using your home network Wi-Fi. For me personally, I always like to use the free Wi-Fi that most stores have now. For example when I go to Starbucks I know I can sit and drink my coffee and browse the internet on my cell phone without using up all my data. In fact most phones these days have a feature that automatically notifies you when you’re near a free Wi-Fi area and asks if you would like to join that Wi-FI network. Linking your phone to Wi-Fi is very simple and easy!

Now for my phone of the week!!

This week were going simple, yet powerful!

The Kyocera MILANO! This phone is great for all you texters out there! It has a great Touch screen interface and most importantly has Wi-Fi connectivity! The ergonomic curves, full QWERTY keyboard and 3.2 MP camera make the Android powered Kyocera Milano hard to put down.

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