Cellular Golden Rules

  1. Respect those your with. At some point or another we have all been with someone that decides to start having a conversation with someone else via cell phone; whether by voice, text, Facebook, email, twitter, Instagram, etc. If you make plans with someone, they should be your first priority and deserve your undivided attention, unless there is an emergency.
  2. Use & check your Voicemail! Voicemail exists for a reason; it allows you to follow-up with non-emergency calls without disrupting what you’re doing. If you’re at a parent/teacher conference, having a meal with your family, at a social function, or immersed in a very important conversation; rest assured that your voicemail will be there waiting for you when you have the time to check it.
  3. Save a Life – Don’t Text & Drive. When you drive and text at the same time you’re taking a huge risk of hurting yourself and/or others. Your taking your hands and your eyes off the wheel. No text message is worth the risk of injuring or killing yourself and others. Wait until you are at your destination to send a message. If it simply can’t wait then pull over to the side of the road safely and send your message… or it may be your last.
  4. Stash your cell when dining out. When people spend money on a nice dinner out, the last thing they want is to be an audience to a third party cell phone conversation. If you’re eating in public, especially in the company of others, stash the cell phone and turn the ringer off or on vibrate, until the meal is over. If you must take a call then excuse yourself from the table and step outside. Everyone, including you , will enjoy themselves much more.
  5. Keep Arguments Under Wraps. Not every cell phone conversation may be a happy one, but that doesn’t mean you have a license to a public meltdown. Its easy to get wrapped up in an argument but remember that others can’t see or hear the hothead on the other end of the line, all they are aware of is a one-sided screaming scene a few feet away. Don’t let it be you.
  6. Mind Your Manners. Stories and language that might be entertaining to you and your closest friends may very well come off as inappropriate to innocent bystanders, so it’s smart to live by the following rule; if you don’t want your mother or grandmother listening to what you’re saying, then don’t use it in cell phone conversations when within earshot of strangers.
  7. Universal Quite Zones. Whether you’re in a theatre, church, conference room or other standard location requiring cell phone silence, its important to follow rules and shut off the cell phone completely or at least put it on silent and tuck it away completely. Not only so they don’t make a notable sound, but also so the screen light does not cause a distraction, both of which are highly disrespectful to those around you
  8. Keep The Line Moving. There is a growing frustration among cashiers, restaurant staff, counter workers and others in the service trade about customers who expect to be served immediately; yet don’t have the courtesy to pause their cell phone conversations or texting marathons to coherently place an order or pay for a purchase. Many service personnel strive to do their job well, and customers distracted by cell phones can undermine their own experiences and create longer lines for others. Please help them help you.

If we all do our best to follow these Golden Rules of cell phone courtesy it will make our everyday experiences more pleasing for ourselves and everyone around us.

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