Cellular Wedding

You are probably wondering what the two have in common. Let’s explore the similarities…..

Commitment: With marriage you commit for life, with cell phones you also commit, but for a year or two (for a cellular pre-nup you can buy the phone, and go month to month, avoiding the commitment all together).

For better or worse: In marriage you usually discover the worse after getting married, with cell phones it’s the same; you don’t get a signal when you get home, can’t figure out how to turn it on, can’t figure out how to put the battery in or take it out, or you discover you got the wrong charger. Looking at the better side, both with marriage and cell phones when things are going good, it makes like a whole lot easier!

Termination: With marriage divorce can cost you a fortune, with cell phone canceling your service before the end of your contract incurs huge fees and penalties.

A New Partner: In marriage you can always remarry and again you will have to pay. In cell phones it’s the same, you change service providers and again will have to pay activation fee and buy a new phone.

Community Property: In marriage the judge will give your spouse the furniture and she will need the house to put it in! This judgment often makes you start your entire life over from scratch. With cell phones, manufacturers make sure nothing is standard so all the accessories that you bought for your previous phone (extra batteries, car charger, data cable, case, etc.) will now sit and gather dust and you will again have to start from scratch.

Friends: In marriage, after a divorce you have to contact everyone you know and hear all the gossip spread by your former in-laws and ex-wife. You may also lose some of your friends if they feel they need to choose sides. With cell phones you have to contact everyone and inform them of your new number. Hopefully you were able to save all your contacts; otherwise you may lose touch with some people.

Hopefully this will help you decide which is worse marriage or cell phones. Both can be a great experience as long as you’re careful in what you choose. At Intouch America we can’t help you choose your next spouse, but we can certainly help you choose your next phone and a plan that will work best for you. We will also do everything we can to help you save the information from your current phone to keep you in touch with the people in your life that really matter! Your satisfaction and happiness is our priority!

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