Connect with your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  A day of love, a day of giving and a day to make sure those important people in your life know you love them.  It is time to make sure you have that special gift especially for that special someone.  Are you still wondering what to get?  Are you lying in bed at night contemplating about what is the best gift? What will put a smile on their face?  You can’t give a gift like you have in the past, this time it has to be amazing and needs to keep them thinking about you all year.  I know, it’s a tough order to fill but don’t worry, I have the perfect solution…  How about a new cell phone?

One of the hottest gifts out there right now is the IPhone 4S and you can get it today for only $199 on one of the most amazing plans out there.  For only $99.99 per month you can get unlimited minutes, unlimited text messages and unlimited data on the GSM network.  With the IPhone 4S your not just giving a phone, your giving a personal assistant and a new lifestyle!  You can’t get much better than giving the most iconic cell phone of all time at a plan everyone can afford!   Normally this plan would be $120+ per month but InTouch America is offering a special discount for Valentine’s Day.  It’s like giving a gift to both your loved one and to yourself with all these savings!  If you need another reason to get this phone for Valentine’s Day, here it is… if you activate the IPhone 4S by February 14, 2012 we will waive the activation fee, that’s an additional $36 savings!  If you’re not an Apple fan we still have the perfect gift for you to give, the amazing Samsung Galaxy S II.  Experience the future of technology with this sleek phone that operates at lightening speeds.  It has all the power of the Android Market, unleashed for only $179.  You can get this phone on the same amazing unlimited plan for only $99.99 per month.  If you are not a fan of the GSM network we also have CDMA network options available on both smart phones and more simple phones for the lower user.  Whatever your needs, whatever your style; we have something that will work for you.

A cell phone is a gift that will remind your loved one of you every day, each time they pick up the phone!  Don’t get in trouble on February 14 by getting the wrong gift… whether it is a new line of service for mom with a simple phone to use for emergencies or it is a new or renewing line for the savviest phone user that needs the latest and greatest device… either circumstance or anywhere in between InTouch America can help.  Call 800-500-0066 today and let us help you get the perfect gift that will keep that special someone smiling and keep you connected to your Valentine all year long!

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