The bits we don’t like about the iPhone

There are many cellular phone options out there to wet your whistle when it comes to having the latest and greatest phone on the market. In recent months much of the talk has been focused on the iphone and it’s capabilities. When the iphone 4 launched, over 1.7 million units sold within the first week proving to many the popularity of this device. While the iphone, to put it plainly, is cool, there are a few things we need to consider prior to getting the iphone and the service.

Your monthly costs will probably go up. When pricing the phone and service (at bare minimum with no texting and limited data) you will see that your costs are at least $55 a month. About 90% of the consumers that will want and use the iphone though are going to want to use the texting and data. So for your normal user, you will see your costs will be about $105 not including taxes.

Camera is only 5MP. The new iphone camera is only 5 megapixels while other smartphones recently released in the last 4 months have 8 megapixels. Now while most of us reach for a real camera, many people have started to utilize their cell phones cameras, making their cell phone an all-in-one device.

Reception issue. It was recently discovered that if you hold the new iphone a certain way, all network coverage will be lost. Imagine being somewhere and that one phone call you needed to get went straight to voicemail? What if that text message you needed to see was delivered 30 minutes late? Is that a risk you want to take? The reception of the carrier that supports the iphone has some issues as well, with many of their customers complaining about having no service or repeated dropped calls.

Music Player. The iphone has itunes built right into it and you would be able to load your favorite songs onto your iphone. Pretty much every PDA, smartphone, and most newer model cell phones have that capability now. Cell phone manufacturers have come a long way with music playing capabilities. Three years ago, you would have to carry a separate device to play your favourite music. If you wanted to play it in your car, you had to buy an extra adaptor to hook up the device. Now with auxiliary ports pre-installed in most new cars and with cell-phones containing software for music playing, you can just load the music you want on your phone and you are ready!

Battery and memory are not replaceable. The greatest thing about living in the technological age is that we can upgrade. Upgrading is something you are asked at the coffee shop, the café for a sandwich, and even at your local oil change place. The iphone however does not have an upgradeable battery or memory. A majority of the phones on the market offer extended batteries and removable memory cards. The iphone’s answer to an extended battery is a car charger and if you want to upgrade the memory, you will have to purchase a larger capacity iphone. While buying a new phone is neither feasible nor affordable for most, if you are the type of person who likes to have every song on their device- you will need to be mindful of the space available.

The Bottom line, the iphone is an immensely popular phone with many bells and whistles. If you want an iphone just to have an iphone, keep in mind it’s not the fanciest of phones on the market, nor will it do everything you need or have everything you want. While Macintosh has put forth reliable products in the past, in this economy, is name brand worth it? Is it worth un-reliable cellular & data service? Are lower camera resolution and high monthly bills worth being able to show people that you have an iphone?

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