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Coverage Checker

All of our plans are powered by America’s Top 4 wireless networks.


We are a provider all the  national CDMA and GSM carriers. We provide coverage in 98% of the
country from coast to coast.




All of our plans are national and offer free roaming and nationwide long distance anywhere in the United States.

At InTouch America we have you covered!


For  more information on coverage in your specific home area please
give us your zip code and we will check coverage in detail and recommend the
best wireless network provider for you.

Some geographical limitations apply.


InTouch America is a low-cost  national cell phone service provider that offers America’s top 4 networks starting as low as $7.99 a per month. We can further customize all of our No-Contract wireless plans to meet your individual  or business needs.


Customer Service

Our knowledgeable  customer support team is 100% U.S. based and  ready to  assist with all of your wireless needs, concerns & questions. We pride ourselves for 30 years in developing long lasting relationships that are based on quality, commitment and loyalty.


“I have been InTouch America for over 20 years now. They always accommodate my changes and  upgraded me and my wife into a new smartphone at a great price! We love it. Their customer service is A+ and service works everywhere. We are paying far less for amazing service!”
-Mark Barer


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