What To Expect In 2014?

Welcome to  2014 Techies and Seniors!!

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years with your friends and families. Today I’m going to be talking about some phones that are rumored to be coming out in 2014! I don’t know much about the phones (as they’re still rumored) but thought I would start out the year with what to expect in the smart phone arena.

Let’s start with the LG G Flex!

This phone is the beginning of the curved screen on smartphones. This is a trend that we will see with a lot of products that have screens in 2014. As far as the phone itself, its rumored that the back of the phone uses special self healing technology to slowly heal dents and scratches that may occur from daily use, that alone is pretty cool!




 Next up: Motorola Moto G

This phone is for people who like to constantly change the way there phone looks. I have a friend who changes her phone case at least twice a week. So this might solve that issue. The phones outer plates can all be completely changed to a different color, the phone itself comes with 3 different colored plates. But additionally there is a website by Motorola where you can go and completely design your own look. They even have a Bamboo made back plate!


Last but not least: The iPhone 6!

 Now we all know this rumor is ALWAYS going around everytime Apple is queit for a few months. But this time people are coming up with concept iphones all there one. This picture is just one version that people are talking about. I myself would love to see this in real life but we will see, soon hopefully!



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