My First Text Message

About 9 years ago, I sent my very first text message. I was fiddling with my phone and saw that I could send a message to my co-worker, so I tried it and it worked! I thought that was so cool at the time but also told myself that I would probably barely use it.

Fast forward 9 years later and if you were to see my bill, you will see that I send/receive more text messages than I use minutes. I’ve never been big on talking on the phone so over the years I have been able to fully integrate texting into my life.

Now for those that don’t understand how I can text so much… besides the standard communication between my friends and loved ones, I have also discovered twitter and Facebook. I only subscribe to fictional characters such as Darth Vader and Voldemort on twitter because I enjoy the daily chuckle I get from their evil tweets. I also have Facebook set up to send me texts on various updates as well.

Since basic texting was introduced over ten years ago, technology has improved and texting has several options now. Now you can send sounds, pictures, and videos to anyone with a cell phone or e-mail. A former co-worker of mine sent me a joke text last week that played a song and showed a picture when I opened it up. I’ve received pictures from friends whom I haven’t seen in years and vice versa! Just the other day I sent a video message to a friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in over 3 years (they live in another state) so that I could show them my cats.

There are a few things about texting that most people don’t realize:

  • You can send a text to an e-mail address.
  • There are no roaming charges if you text in an area that is not covered. As of today, most cell-phone companies do not charge roaming charges for text messaging. Now this only applies to regular texting- picture or video messaging may incur roaming.
  • It takes less signal to receive a text than it does to send one.
  • You can use text messaging to remind yourself of little things… such as grocery items or you can have directions sent to you via text.
  • You can usually have bank account updates sent to you via text.

These are just some of the features about texting that make it handy for the average user. It’s not for everyone but it truly is a great tool for many of us!

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