87 years old and “I don’t want a cell phone"

I have always said “I don’t want a cell phone; this new technology is NOT for me.” I have said this for many years and have been constantly fighting my children who have been pressuring me to get one. Not only is it something else to carry around but you also have to give up personal information to get one and it is way too expensive.

I just didn’t want to get one and I was standing my ground, I am 87 years old and no one will tell me what to do!

Finally one day my son came to me and said he found this company that only charges $3.99 per month for their cell phone service and begged me to sign up. I gave in and I agreed to give it a chance, although I knew I would NOT like it. I can’t tell you how wrong I was and I could not be more grateful that I listened to my son.

The people at InTouch America were very nice, the process to get the phone was very easy and I felt comfortable giving them my information. I had the phone the next day and it is a very nice phone. It is small enough to fit in my purse but the buttons are easy to read and the phone is very easy to use. I don’t use the phone because I like to use my house phone but one day I went to the store and another car hit me from behind. It shook me up quite a bit and I was a little scared but I remembered my phone and I called my son. He called the police, came to help me and got there before the police showed up.

If I wouldn’t have had my $3.99 cell phone I would have had to deal with the whole ordeal alone because my son would not have known and who knows when the police would have showed up to help or if I would have even been safe on the side of the road that day.

You never know what may happen in life but at least I know I can get help whenever I need it. Now I would never think of not having a phone and I now have peace of mind during my every day activities. Peace of mind and safety for around $0.20/day, You actually can’t put a price on that.

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