I love my HTC Droid Incredible!!!

Being a MAC guy all my life, I really wanted to get the iPhone and came pretty close to doing it, but I decided against it. My monthly wireless plan at InTouch America is discounted since I work for them and sadly InTouch America doesn’t offer AT&T wireless services or the iPhone. There has been talks and rumors for a long time of the iPhone coming to Verizon but unfortunately to this date, it has not officially happened. Although skeptical, I took the advice of one of my colleagues and got a Droid Incredible. I think it was love at first touch. The screen is truly “Incredible.” The phone looks and feels very much like an iPhone. It is very slim & has a big 3.5” HD screen with amazing graphics. There are 7 different screens that slide from left to right which you can customize to your liking. The high definition 8 megapixel camera/video camera is amazing! I really don’t carry my digital camera with me all the time anymore as the quality of this camera is surprisingly well for every day picture taking.

In order to get the most out of my new phone, I had to set-up a Gmail account. I found this a bit annoying since I was a loyal yahoo user for many years. Let me tell you that it was worth the hassle as Android phones need the Google account for most of their important applications. It’s the backbone of everything else. Now I get my all my emails (yahoo & Gmail) , text messages, facebook updates, weather forecast & stock market updates at the tip of my finger. Information is very fast and amazingly accurate.

Thousands of apps are available both for the iPhone and Android users through various app store applications and online websites like appbrain.com – Applications like appbrain.com allow you to take new apps out for a test drive without a need to install it on your phone. There is also a 24 hour refund policy in case an Android user dislikes a paid app and wants to uninstall it for a refund. Although the Android app market is much younger than the iPhone app market; we are catching up fast. A lot of the cool apps that iPhone users used to brag about are readily available for Android and more and more exciting apps are being released every day. Some apps are free and some are free with ad banners, but most can be purchased without banner ads and full functionality at very reasonable prices. Most paid Android apps run anywhere from $0.99 to $4.99 per application.

My Droid Incredible is a data hog! I don’t have an unlimited data plan with my provider so most of the time I browse when Wi-Fi is available. I get a fast reliable connection that best of all is free and saves me from getting data overages. I do have access to the wireless mobile network when needed and when I’m not in a regular Wi-Fi area.

The HTC Droid Incredible is simply amazing! I enjoy the compliments that I get on this phone on a regular basis and would definitely recommend this beauty to anyone that has iPhone envy.

You can get your own Droid Incredible by calling InTouch America at 877-VIP-TALK

By Dominique Ple

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