Listen to your kids. They know best! Importance of having a cell phone

Being a senior I have learned the hard way the importance of having a cell phone. If I had listened to my son years ago when he insisted on getting me one I would not have had the following experiences. I will start with the funny story first and work my way to the serious and lifesaving reasons of why I think it is so important to have a cell phone, especially if you’re a senior like me.

I decided to go with my son and his family to San Diego to visit Sea World. It started out nice, a beautiful trip down there and very nice weather. My son had instructed my middle granddaughter to stick to me since she had a cell phone, in case we got separated. Of course I was offended; being 74 I was more than capable of taking care of myself! As the day progressed we did indeed get separated, with so many people there we got all turned around. My granddaughter said “Don’t worry grandpa I know where we are and I will find the rest of the family!” Well that’s the last time I listen to a 10 year old! After walking a bit I said “Why don’t you call your dad so he can come get us?” she said ok but kept walking. I asked “Why aren’t you calling your dad?” she said she couldn’t because she left her phone in the car. I stopped dead in my tracks and asked why she didn’t say something in the beginning, she just shrugged her shoulders, then I asked why she left her phone in the car, she said she didn’t want the whale to get her phone wet when it splashed us. As cute as she was at that moment, I was not happy! I grabbed her hand and asked the nearest park attendant where lost and found was. When we got there I walked up and told them I found this little girl, her dad’s name is Don and asked them to page him, my granddaughter stood there with mouth open in shock. A few minutes later my son appeared, when he realized what had happened he was just as unhappy as I was!

Now as I said before I’m only 74, I can still drive and get around just fine. One day I was on my way to have lunch with some friends at the senior center, its $3.99 lunch on the first Wednesday of the month so none of us can pass up that deal! After spending a nice time visiting I headed home, half way there I got a flat tire! This was not the first tire I have had to change a tire, so I made my way to the trunk hoping it would be quick and easy. I started thinking about how long it had been since the last tire I had changed, knowing I’m not as strong or flexible with my hands as I used to be. I was a starting to get a little concerned. Then I considered walking a few miles up the road to use the phone to call AAA but I didn’t want to leave my car unattended. It started getting cold so I was just going to start walking when 2 nice young ladies drove by and seeing me standing there asked “ if I was doing ok?”. I said I needed to call AAA, they said sure no problem and one of them proceeded to dial the number for me. As I looked for my AAA card I realized how helpless I would have been if these young girls hadn’t shown up. Thirty minutes later the tow truck arrived, the guy changed my tire with little effort and I was on my way in a jiffy. When I got home I sat down and called my son to ask if the offer for the cell phone was still available. He happily said “Sure dad I can have it sent to you within couple of days without any problems.” I was very impressed, I thought I would have to wait a few weeks to get one but as promised it came within two days and about an hour after I got it a nice lady called me from the company InTouch America asking if I had received the phone and asked if I was ready to activate it. She had me turn it on, punch in a code and I was making a test call within a few minutes, unbelievable!! Again I was amazed, I thought my son would have to come over and turn the dang thing on for me and show me how to work it but she helped me do it all on my own! She told me to give her a call anytime if I had any questions. Well of course the next call I made was to my son to thank him and he teasingly said “Welcome to the 21st century dad!”

Now for my last story and a huge reason that I am thankful for having a cell phone. A few weeks ago while working around the house I needed some extra tools that I had in the garage. As I went to get them the door to the garage accidentally closed behind me and I didn’t have my keys which means I couldn’t get back into the house. I also couldn’t get into the car to get the clicker to open the garage door and go to my neighbors for the extra emergency key I gave them. I sat down and started thinking how in the world I was going to get out and if I was going to die out in the garage since it was snowing outside and the garage was like a giant freezer. I started thinking of breaking my car window to get to the clicker but really didn’t want to have to do that. As I searched my pockets I realized I had my cell phone! I dialed my son and told him what had happened, he said he was on his way but due to weather conditions he was afraid of something bad happening to me before he could get here. He said to call the fire department; they could be there within minutes and could open the garage door. I listened to my son again and I made the call, while still talking to the operator I could hear the siren coming; even though I was a little embarrassed I realized how important and valuable a cell phone is. I now encourage all my friends at the senior center to get one! I thank my son as often as I can for getting me the cell phone & bringing me into the 21st century!

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