Intouch America offers great deals for seniors, students and all consumers

I have been reporting and recommending the great services from In Touch America for several years. My family uses their service. In Touch America is famous for its special packages for emergency phones, pre-paid phones, and plans for unlimited services too. They have discounted phones, generous rebates and they even offer free service for up to three months when you mention “Alan Mendelson.”

In Touch America has the lowest cost monthly cell phone plan available and no one beats them. No one. This low cost plan is ideal for seniors so they can stay in touch, for folks who need an emergency cell phone, and for students so they have cell phone access. These days a cell phone is vital for individual and family security and you can’t say no to this cell phone deal from In Touch America because it is only $7.99 a month.

For $7.99 a month you get a free cell phone that is ideal for kids and for seniors because of the large buttons and an ICE — a button to push “in case of emergency” — that automatically dials home or another emergency number such as a parent’s office. The price of $7.99 a month also includes 50 free talk minutes and this includes free roaming and free long distance and free activation and free shipping — so you can send one of these phones right now to someone in another city.

In Touch America also has low-cost “unlimited talk and text plans” and there are low cost “text plans” that can be added to a low cost talk plan with a free keyboard phone included.

And now, In Touch America has plans for those with no credit or with bad credit. They have a cell phone plan for everybody — just call them for details.

Details at or by calling 877-VIP-TALK or 877-847-8255. Remember, there is free shipping anywhere in the USA so you can send a phone to anyone around the country. See the video report below. And remember, when you mention “Alan Mendelson” you get three months of free service with any plan.

Below is our Best Buys TV Show report on the newest deals from In Touch America that were just announced in early August.

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