iPhone XS & XS Max Customers Reporting Charging Issues…Even The Tech Kid

The new iPhone was released last week, and they were packed with amazing new features. For once it looks like an upgrade that is worth the plunge. Last year when the iPhone 8/iPhone X was announced they were great phones, but the features were all basically exactly the same as the iPhone 7. It wasn’t that much of a change.

Looking at the 3 new phones that were announced last week you can see a clear difference in the iPhones design and obviously the trajectory of the product. Its finally catching up to the features Samsung has had for years and finally adding some more real estate on the beautiful true tone display. To be honest I just upgraded to the iPhone XS Max and I love it. I previously had an iPhone 7 plus and I like my new one much better.

Some things that I have noticed, and it seems other users of the new iPhone have noticed as well is a problem with charging the new iPhone XS. When you plug it into the charger it doesn’t indicate that its charging. Once you unplug it and plug it back in, it will suddenly recognize the charger is plugged in and indicate its charging. Apple hasn’t commented publicly on this issue, but we are waiting for a comment.


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