Love my Personal assistant!

So, the new IPhone just came out and I’m sure it is as amazing as ever now that it has Siri – a built in personal assistant! She can help you with almost anything you need and she has voice recognition so she can recognize instruction by regular speech; I would have said there is nothing better. I refuse to get an IPhone and I was bummed that I couldn’t get Siri on my Android phone… but then I talked to InTouch America; they were very helpful, they showed me some amazing new phones and an app that may just be better than Siri! The app is called “speaktoit assistant” and it is in the Android Market. It does the same thing as Siri but is actually more accurate with some requests. I tested the apps side by side on both phones and was actually more pleased with the answers I got from the Android App.

When I asked my Android “personal assistant” what her name was she said her name is SAM. I forgot her name so I asked her again and she responded by telling me her name again and asked how I could forget so soon! She can make phone calls, send text messages, post to Facebook, find the nearest coffee shop, look up any phone number and she even surprised me with counseling advice! The guys at InTouch America and I were asking her many random questions to see how she would respond and I asked her “what was the best way to kill myself” and she told me “You shouldn’t think about that. Everyone goes through rough times but things will get better.” Wow, she actually made me feel good! Talking to my phone made me feel good, amazing! I asked her if I should have a baby and she told me “Children make the world a more joyful place to live in. Usually.”

I told her that I was tired and she said “You sound like you could use a boost. Say the word and I can search for a coffee shop in the area” and she found me a much needed coffee shop within ½ a mile. She has good advice, helps me take care of my important business and has a sense of humor… what more could I ask of a personal assistant? Even more importantly, how have I gotten through life without Sam, my virtual “speaktoit” personal assistant!?!?!? I owe InTouch America a huge thank you for making my life easier! InTouch America got me the personal assistant, a great android phone and an amazing rate plan with Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited text and Unlimited Data all for a lot less than I could get the IPhone for and the plan that would have had to go along with it. During my many years of experience with InTouch America I have never been disappointed. You can also get their great rates and great service by visiting their website at or call 800-500-0066; with their low cost rate plans, great phones and knowledgeable reps, it is always an enjoyable experience to deal with them… contact them and see for yourself. Never be frustrated with your cell phone or cell phone company again, contact InTouch America today!

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