Maintain your phone

Today we are going to talk about how to maintain your phone and help keep it from lagging on you, freezing up or running out of memory.

A lot of customers have been telling me recently that their phones after a while start to lag on them and freeze. They continuously have to either restart their phones or take out the battery and completely reset the phone. I always tell them this isn’t the phone dyeing on you but more to do with how you maintain the phone. There are some very simple steps you can take to help your phone from having these problems. Let’s start with the first and most simple one; go through your phones applications like messaging, emails, videos, and photos, start looking for things you don’t need and delete them from the phone. This will open up the phones memory so the phone will be able to work faster. If you’re someone who takes A LOT of pictures another good idea would be to connect the phone to your computer and move the pictures from the phone to the computer (look at the App of the Week Blog on DropBox to have all the pictures on your computer and phone at the same time). Another thing to do to help your phone not lag is always make sure that you exit out of an application when you’re done using it. The application will run in the background and continue to slow down the processor when it should be focusing on what your currently doing, not the app that is open on the phone and not being used.

The last thing I recommend to do when your phone becomes slow is to make sure the firmware and software on the phone are up to date. If you don’t know how to do this on your phone you can check very simply by going on the internet and searching to see how to update the phone. This is very important because sometimes a phone will be released without the current update on it and will start malfunctioning so it’s very important for the phone to be up to date at all times.

That’s it for now, till next time techies and seniors.

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