Our Review of the LG VN 150 Revere

What We Like: The LG VN 150 Revere is a very good quality, easy to use phone with some very convenient features. It has a full feature 1.3 megapixel camera, hearing aid compatible, speakerphone, excellent call quality, bluetooth capabilities, light weight and a long lasting battery. It supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, Chinese and Korean.

What We Don’t Like: The LG VN 150 Revere has a low megapixel camera and the external display is small, but is still good enough to see the time and date or to see the caller ID for incoming calls.

Bottom Line: The LG VN 150 Revere is a great phone for people who want a basic easy to use flip phone that also has some nice extra features. It is thin, light weight and has great battery life.

Additional Points to Consider: The LG VN 150 Revere is a very good phone for people who want simplicity but also want some of those convenient features like a camera and Bluetooth capabilities. The camera has a flash, timer, zooms, night mode and allows you to edit your photos. The phone is customizable so you can arrange the menu items just the way you want them and you can save your photos to your home screen or set them to a contact so when you receive a call from that number the assigned picture will show up on your phone. The phone has speed dial and an internal phone book with the ability to save 3 ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts, 10 favorite people or groups and a total of 1000 contacts so you can easily reach the most important people in your life and you never have to search for a phone number again.

The LG Revere is equipped with a speaker phone, it is hearing aid compatible and the buttons are large with easy to see coloring. It also includes all the tools you could need such as a Calendar, To Do List, Calculator, Tip Calculator, Alarm Clock, World Clock, Stopwatch, and Notepad. The battery life gives you an impressive 420 minutes of talk time and 630 hours of standby time; almost guaranteed to have battery life whenever you need it and you do not have to worry about charging it often.

In Conclusion: If you’re looking for a quality phone that is easy to use but also allows you to customize it with your own style, then the LG VN 150 Revere would be a perfect choice.

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