Our Review of the Samsung U310 Knack

What We Like: The Samsung U310 Knack is an inexpensive but amazing basic phone. It has quality, reliability and lots of nice features like a distinctive keypad that is easy to read, dedicated 911 and ICE keys, a large blur free 2.2 display and voice dialing. The menu is easy to navigate and the volume is great for the hearing impaired.

What We Don’t Like: The Samsung U310 Knack does not have a camera, has limited ringtone options and is not Bluetooth compatible.

Bottom Line: The Samsung U310 knack is a good quality, extremely simple phone for those that just want a reliable and inexpensive phone to make calls.

Additional Points to Consider: The Samsung U310 Knack has a good battery life that lets you talk for 4.5 hours and has a standby time of 366 hours. It is a nice charcoal colored phone with an outside screen that shows the time, battery status and allows you to see who is calling. It flips open to reveal a larger screen and the dialing pad. The phone is very light weight, weighing only 3.63 ounces. It fits comfortably in your hand and comfortably in your pocket. It is very user friendly and has an easy to use menu that gives you easy access to your contact list and the phones other features. It includes dedicated buttons to dial 911 and access ICE (In Case of Emergency) numbers should the need arise. These buttons are a huge benefit and are extremely important. The 911 button allows you to reach emergency personnel at the push of one button any time you need them, it’s that simple! The ICE button allows you to program your most important numbers for easy access in case of an emergency; you can program any number such as family members, doctor’s office, nurse, pharmacy, etc. With these two buttons alone you can replace any alarm monitoring system offered for a fifth of the cost. Along with these essential features, the phone allows you to do so much more. The phone is color coded on one side to clearly indicate where to plug in the charger for the phone, where to access voicemail and voice command at the push of a button and where to plug in the head phones; the other side has the volume control. The Samsung Knack has a loud speaker that can be easily heard without having to turn the volume all the way up and the speaker phone function is even louder.

In Conclusion: The Samsung U310 Knack is perfect for someone that wants to make quality phone calls without all the extra bells and whistles that many phones have these days. It is simple to use and has great reception and sound…if all you need is a phone to make those important calls, then the Samsung U310 Knack is it.

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