Popularity of Cell Phones

It seems that cell phones have now found their way into our state’s prisons.

Officials are having a hard time dealing with cell phones getting into the hands of inmates. Thousands of phones have been confiscated in the past year alone; the smuggling of phones in jails is now as lucrative as drugs and alcohol; and their use is an even scarier issue. Phones are being used to plan attacks on other inmates, set up crimes outside of the jail, terrorize victims, coordinate the buying and selling of narcotics and communicate with outside gang members.  By being able to access cell phones while incarcerated inmates are able to continue their criminal activity with no concern of being caught and going to jail because they are already there!

The criminal possibilities are endless with unmonitored phone access at any time.  Since it has come to their attention, officials are cracking down to get cell phones out of the hands of convicted criminals and back into the hands of the upstanding citizens across the nation.  Since they are doing their best to handle the issue I feel safer knowing that cell phones in jails will soon be a thing of the past.

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