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5 Steps To Lowering Your Cell Phone Bill

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

How to Lower Your Cell Phone Bill


Are you looking at the add-ons? What are you being charged for? Always look at the breakdown of your bill and make sure that you are taking advantage of all the things you are paying for. Sometimes you add an international plan and leave it on there even after you travel back home, these will incur an additional cost for no reason.

Data Plans

Are you on an unlimited plan? Do you NEED an unlimited plan? Most providers these days only offer ONE talk, text & data plan; Unlimited. But that plan doesn’t work for everyone’s needs. If you only use 300-500 minutes per month then why pay for unlimited? You can be paying far less and for what you will use.

Phone Price

Always purchase your phone with a discount and NOT a lease or payment plan option, this just increases your monthly cost and you are still paying for the full retail value of the cell phone. There are still some carriers, like InTouch America that will give you up to a $450 discount on your next cell phone.

Use Wi-Fi

Make sure you are always connected to Wi-Fi. Most people these days are not connected to Wi-Fi and just using the data they have on their plans. Using all your data quickly and not being connected to Wi-Fi will result in a data overage. This will raise your bill significantly.

Roaming Charges

Be aware of roaming charges and additional charges like directory assistance calls that are charged per minute. These days you can just go on google and get a phone number rather then paying upwards of $1.50 a minute for a 411 call. Also make sure that you are aware of the different roaming icons that your phone has so you know if you are ever roaming.

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