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Affordable Smartphones Seniors

Affordable Smartphones Seniors

Today I want to talk about two great easy to use Affordable Smartphones Seniors!

LG Enact

Let’s start with the Lg Enact. This phone is an android based Smartphone that has a full slide down keyboard. The full QWERTY keyboard becomes very useful as using the touch screen virtual keyboard can become a little difficult for the seniors. Also the phone doesn’t have a lot of complicated pre-loaded software that confuses everyone and is usually never used. The phone has a great camera that is very easy to use, just click and snap and send the picture to your friends or family! This phone is also Wi-Fi capable which is great and helps you save on mobile data charges. You can get the Samsung Enact for FREE with our deal of the month $14.99 with 500 anytime minutes!

I’ve also added a link to an outside sources review!


Alcatel One Touch Icon

The next phone is going to be the Alcatel One Touch Icon. This phone is small but powerful. The phone itself is a simple phone that’s all touch screen. The apps and onscreen buttons can be enlarged for the seniors to see more easily. Also the phone has an excellent camera. It is an android based phone. The phone can connect to any Wi-Fi and push all your emails to your phone. The phone has a very easy setup menu when just getting the phone that helps you merge all your contacts to the phone and get all your settings setup. The seniors will love this Smartphone as it’s very simple but has all the important high end features like Bluetooth, Google Play Store availability and an excellent touch screen interface. You can get the Alcatel One Touch Icon for FREE with our deal of the month $14.99 with 500 anytime minutes!

I’ve also added a link to an outside sources review!


People assume that just because Smartphone’s can become a little difficult to use sometimes that it would be Impossible to teach a senior how to use one. But this doesn’t mean your grandparents or parents can’t learn how to use one. These two great Smartphone’s are a great option for the senior who wants to learn little more about technology and be able to connect with their loved ones with more than just a call or text!


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