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App Of The Week… eBay

App of the Week…

I think by now we have all heard of eBay- the online auction site where you can buy and sell everything you can possibly think of!  If you are looking to buy that thing you just saw on TV, you need a new camera, your kid wants a new IPhone because they just broke the third one in the last 4 months or you want a case for the new cell and would rather pay $3 than $30 then EBay is the place to be!!  According to the Play Store you can do all of the following thru their eBay app…

✓ Search, Bid, Buy or Make offers on unique items from around the world ✓ List your items for sale in minutes ✓ Use the barcode scanner to find items, compare prices or start a new listing ✓ Get customizable alerts about your eBay items and activity ✓ Track your packages ✓ Leave feedback ✓ Read and respond to eBay messages ✓ Save your favorite searches and sellers for quick access to the latest inventory ✓ Revise your listings and manage your eBay business on the go ✓ Explore eBay Motors using our custom experience for vehicle enthusiasts (US only) ✓ So much more. We’ll spare you the details so you can start shopping now.

With all these options you can do everything quick & easy.  Explore the world of eBay, make some money and never again pay full price for so many things.  What are you waiting for? Down load the app now!!

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