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App of The Week… Home Remedies (Plus)

None of us have a perfect body. We get sick, have injuries or have generally uncomfortable symptoms.  Many years ago my grandmother would say “come here, I can fix that for you” and she could fix just about everything by having me drink something or applying some homemade.  These days our first reaction may be to go to the doctor but that is not always a realistic option for every little thing, especially if we could find a simpler and less expensive solution.    For those not so serious things such as allergies,  athletes foot, blisters, the common cold, fatigue, sore throat or a sun burn-just to name a few- there’s an app for that!!!  It teaches you to use herbs, fruits, spices and other items to treat many things naturally.  The app is recommended buy 28 certified doctors on HealthTap at https://www.healthtap.com/#apps/11845 .  “Good reference for home remedies…” Dr. Robert Kent Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Along with the app providing helpful information you can store your own home remedies, submit your own to be added to the app, set favorites and share any of the remedies by email, text, Facebook or Twitter!  If you want to find a home remedy for something but it’s not in the app you can simply contact them and they will try to find a home remedy and add it to the app for you.  It’s that simple.  Right now there are hundreds of home remedies available but with your help & the help of other users soon there could be thousands!

This app is in no way a substitution for medical care or to treat something serious (see the apps disclaimer) but it has definitely saved me time and money by telling me simple home remedies that use many common household items that I already have.  You can save time & money by downloading Home Remedies (Plus) today.

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