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Ditch the Smartphone: The Top 8 Benefits of Switching to a Flip Phone

With over 224 million people using smartphones just in the United States, you might feel the pressure to join the pack, but it’s time to ditch the smartphone. For a lot of people, flip phones are still the better option.

If you’re ready for a change but need the final push, we have a list for you. Here are the top 8 benefits of switching to a flip phone.

1. Simplicity is Key

New smartphones come out multiple times a year with each one having something the last one didn’t. All this can lead to a phone that’s complex and confusing to use.

Flip phones are simple because, besides having the ability to call and text, they can only perform a few extra necessary tasks.

2. Durability That Lasts

You’ve probably heard of smartphones taking a small tumble and completely shattering their screen.

The good thing about a flip phone is there is a cover over the screen. If you accidentally drop a flip phone, it might result in a few minor scratches, but your screen should remain intact.

3. Easier on the Wallet

Another benefit of making the switch is you’ll more than likely end up with more money in your pocket. Not only are the phones themselves cheaper, but the data plans also cost less as well.

If you can get one of these phones without a contract as well, you would be saving even more money.

4. A Flip Phone Will Help Keep Your Privacy

Having a smartphone with a connection to the internet means you have more opportunities to share your personal information over the internet.

This is something you don’t have to worry about with flip phones because they don’t connect to the internet in the same way.

5. They’re Compact

Every new smartphone seems to be larger than the last. One of the selling points of flip phones is they’re small and compact.

This will leave you more room in your pockets or your bag.

6. Don’t Worry about Muggers

If someone is looking to steal a phone, they are more likely to steal an expensive iPhone than your simple cell phone. Muggers would steer clear of your phone.

7. Easy to Disconnect

When you get bored and you have a cell phone, the automatic response is to check your social media feed, play a game, or spend time on another app.

Flip phones don’t have many apps, so it basically forces you to put away your phone if you aren’t texting or calling someone. This allows you to disconnect and focus on the world around you, get outside, make time for friends, and explore.

8. These Phones Can Hold a Charge

Smartphones normally need to charge at least once or twice a day. You’ll find flip phones can last up to three days on one charge.

If you don’t use your phone as frequently, it might even last for a week before you need to charge it again.

Make the Switch

Switching to a flip phone makes sense because you will save money and will have more opportunities to put down the phone and connect with the world around you.

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