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The Tech Kid is BACK!

The Tech Kid is BACK!

Today we are going to be talking about wireless chargers on cell phones.

Many of today’s top cell phones have capability to charge via a wireless Qi charger. This is basically a metal backing on your phone that uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects through electromagnetic induction. Energy is sent through an inductive coupling to an electrical device, which can then use that energy to charge batteries or run the device. Its all very scientific but basically your phone has a metal backing that’s like a magnet to wireless charging pads. The charging pad is connected to the power outlet and that emits the power from the pad to the metal backing on the phone which transfers it to the battery for storage.

I personally think this idea will only really work for charging your phone at home. Most of us charge our phones when we go to sleep so to have the charging pad next to your bed would be cool.  Sometimes you get up in the middle of the night and you want to take your phone with you to the bathroom or just to the kitchen for a midnight snack. It would be much easier to just grab it and go from the charging pad rather than unplugging it and having to remember to plug it back in.

Below are some good charging pads from Amazon. These ones work with all iPhones and Androids if you just purchase the charging port attachment.

The CHOETECH T511 is only $15.99 and it’s a Amazon Prime item so its free shipping for Prime members.


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