Priceless School Supplies

Well now that school has started once again its time to make sure my kids have all their supplies which now includes an affordable cell phone!!

Every year we hit the stores to get pencils, paper, folders, glue, notebooks, a new backpack and all the other necessary stuff to get them through the school year. This year there is an addition to our school shopping list, I have to get cell phones for each of them! Of course they have their own ideas of what a cell phone should be able to do; they want to be able to text, take pictures, go on the internet, play music and my daughter is begging for hers to be purple! But the reason I did put it on our list is because it is a very valuable and important tool. Communication in today’s world is extremely important especially when the kids are growing up and trying to have their own lives. They have after school tutoring and sports programs but they also want the freedom to be able to walk to the store after school, go to the movies, walk to the library or simply go home with friends.

Sometimes their desire for freedom can be stressful for me; although I don’t mind them doing any of these things, being able to reach them during their activities is the challenge. Between my schedule and theirs, cell phones seem to be the only way for all of us to keep track of each other. Once I decided cell phones were a necessity for the kids, I was a little worried about the cost as we are on a tight budget just like most people are in this economy. I did my research and I am grateful that I found a company that offers affordable cell phone plans that fit my whole families’ needs. The kids have plans that will not allow them to go over on their minutes and also give them the additional features they were begging for; and my husband and I were able to get plans that work perfectly for us.

We are a big family, each with our specific needs and InTouch America was able to customize the perfect plans for us all!! Not only did we get perfect calling plans but I got a really great deal on several of the phones along with rebates so everyone was happy, yes even my daughter got her purple phone and purple case! Another concern I had was that my two oldest kids are driving and I wanted them to be safe on the road even with the cell phone. InTouch America gave me a simple solution; I was able to get them both a Bluetooth earpiece. They were a little pricey but I was also able to get a good deal on them. I explained to my kids that the Bluetooth must be used at all times while in the car, as required by law, and the nice man at the store showed them how to use them. Now I don’t have to worry about being able to reach my kids whether they are at school, driving or with friends. School supplies including clothes, shoes, backpacks, pencils, cell phones and Bluetooth-a few hundred dollars… Peace of mind knowing my kids are ready for a successful and safe school year-Priceless!

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