Safety, security, convenience and peace of mind

Modern technology has provided us with devices that make our life easier, safer, and much more convenient. Gone are the days of looking for a pay phone when away from home, or worrying about your loved ones while they are away or alone.

It is easy to remember the days we needed to be concerned about breaking down on a deserted road while in our cars, or about getting injured while walking or jogging, or being without power and unable to use your home phone in case of emergency.

Today’s mobile telephone provides safety, security, convenience and peace of mind. And, because of new technology, they are easier to use, and much less expensive to own than in the past.

Today there are many phones, plans and services available. The basic plan being offered by InTouch America’s only $4.99 per month, with 10 free minutes per month and 15¢ per minute thereafter. This plan is perfect for someone that just wants the basic benefits of having a cell phone, without paying a lot of money each month.

InTouch America is currently offering new customers three months free service on any plan they offer. This offer expires November 30, 2012.

Their best value plan is also available. For only $7.99 per month you receive 50 minutes free each month, a free easy to use cell phone, free roaming, free long distance, free shipping, and free activation.

InTouch America can be contacted at: 1-800-500-0066. They are open Monday – Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm

Some restrictions do apply and you should call for details.

If you aren’t one of the millions of seniors in America that already have a cell phone, or if you are tired of paying too much for the current cell phone you have, give InTouch America a call.

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