Samsung Galaxy SIII has arrived!

Have you been waiting for a top of the line phone to come out?  Are you not sure what you want but you know you want a smart phone that does it all?  Look no further, the Samsung Galaxy S III has arrived.  Some say this is the best phone ever made! The Samsung Galaxy S III has recently been released for all the major U.S. Carriers. This phone comes in Pebble Blue, Marble White and Garnet Red for select carriers. It has a 4.8”HD Super Amoled Display which gives you amazing videos, pictures, and documents.

The Galaxy SIII has many new features that are not available on other smartphones. The S-Beam allows you to share any picture, video, or document with any other Galaxy S III by placing them back-to-back and it will automatically transfer over without the hassle of a Bluetooth connection. You can also turn any texting conversation to an instant voice call by simply placing the phone up to your ear, this eliminates pushing more buttons and choosing menu options, the call is instantaneous!  Another great feature is the Pop Up Play, which allows you to multitask while watching a movie or video. If you get a text message or email you can easily activate the pop up screen and continue watching as you reply.

The Galaxy S III not only has a bigger touch screen and new features, it also has an 8.0 megapixel rear facing camera to capture every moment and a 1.9 megapixel front facing camera for video chats and much more! You will be able to keep in touch with your family and friends at any time of the day and no matter what else you are doing.  Multitasking is the key these days and this phone is a perfect fit to help you do it all.  Overall, the Galaxy S III developers have stepped up the competition for the Smartphone era with this new, must have, do it all phone!

Most carriers require you to have a data plan when you purchase a smartphone. Without it the phone will be sold at full retail price and the Samsung Galaxy SIII has a hefty price tag at around $650.00. The data plans currently run anywhere between $30-60 per month on top of your monthly access fee and text package. Most carriers offer voice and data bundle plans and then offer the phone at a substantial discount with a two year contract and hefty early termination fees if you cancel early. Getting the Galaxy SIII or any other high end smartphone is a big decision as you will be obligated to keep your data plan for the next two years.

InTouch America offers various bundled plans for individual lines with unlimited everything so you will never need to worry about overage nightmares. InTouch America is offering the Samsung Galaxy SIII starting at only $199.99 with both GSM and CDMA carriers. Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data plans start at only $79.99 per month. Please call (800) 500-0066 for more information.

If you love the Android platform; then this is the phone for you!

by Judith Flores

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