Should I Insure My Cell Phone?

Your cellular phone is free or discounted once every 2 years. What if something happens to your phone before the end of your two year cellular contract? Accidents happen all the time; if you drop your phone and it breaks or it is lost or stolen what will you do? If you have cell phone insurance you only have to pay a $45 deductible for most phones and you get a new phone right away, so there is no need to worry. If you do not have phone insurance you would have to buy a new phone at full price and that could be anywhere from $150-$700 depending on the specific phone model that you have.

One of our long time customers, Sara P., wrote in about her recent experience… “I have a Palm Pixi smartphone and I couldn’t be happier with it. I got it about 6 months ago with my phone upgrade eligibility. My phone is my life; I use it to make calls of course but I also text, keep up with my kids, surf the web, check my emails, do eBay transactions, keep up with sports scores, watch movie trailers while I plan the weekends activities… you name it, I do it on my phone. Last week I reached for my phone and it was gone! I have no idea where it went; all I know is that it was lost! I searched everywhere and as panic set in I remembered that I had purchased phone insurance through InTouch America. I contacted my rep and filed a claim. They told me had I not gotten insurance it would have cost me $270 to replace my phone but because I had the insurance for only $4.99 per month I would only have to pay the deductible of $45 and I could pick up a replacement phone the same day or they would ship it to me immediately and I would have it the next day. Say no more, I headed to the store. The claim process was super simple and the staff at the store were very helpful and sympathetic. I walked out 30 minutes later feeling complete – with my new phone (& life) in hand. I could breathe again! I am very grateful to InTouch America for making a horrible experience easier to deal with and I am grateful that I had the insurance. I originally had opted out of the insurance but my rep insisted and said to try it out for a few months. “If you don’t want to keep it; you can cancel it at any time” she said. I’m so glad that I finally decided to add this important protection feature to my investment. If I would have had to pay full price for a new phone I would have had to settle for something more affordable and would have had to give up many of the cool features that I have grown to depend on every day. Getting the insurance was the best decision I ever made! Thank you InTouch America!”

We see accidents like this happen all the time. It is heartbreaking to see someone come in who lost their phone, dropped their phone and it has a cracked screen or their phone is just no longer working and they do not have the insurance coverage. More often than not they end up settling for an inexpensive used phone that they are not happy with, but served the purpose of making and receiving phone calls. They put up with this device until they are eligible again for another phone upgrade because a brand new phone at full retail price is simply not affordable. Others who choose to get another brand new replacement pay hundreds of dollars to replace their phone and they could have protected their original investment by just paying $4.99 per month. If your phone is important to you and you hate unexpected bills, we recommend getting phone insurance protection at the time you activate your new phone. It is stressful enough having to deal with losing your phone or breaking it, allow us to make the replacement process easy and stress free by having insurance. You will probably be thanking me in a few months just like Sarah P. did!

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