Simple ways to save battery on your cell phone

Well it looks like I’m moving up! I’ll be doing The Tech Kid Blogs about 3 times a week!

So today we will be talking a bit about some simple ways to save battery on your cell phone and how some people have the notion that when you plug your phone in all night you its ruining the battery. Let’s start with some simple ways that can help you save battery life. A lot of my customers have been calling in recently asking why there battery is running out so fast. Now when you first receive your cell phone, if you’re a person who doesn’t use the Bluetooth or the Wi-Fi features make sure those are completely turned OFF. People always say “So if I want to use Wi-Fi it will make my battery life run out fast?” The answer is “NO!”. If your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is on and NOT connected to a particular network or device then it will be in what’s called ‘Searching Mode’. Most phones Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features are defaulted to this setting. This means that the phone is CONSTANTLY trying to find a connection for you and in the mean time draining your battery life. So always make sure those are off if you’re not using them!

Another simple thing to do to save some battery life is to change the ‘Screen Timeout’ setting. This feature controls the amount of time that the screen stays on AFTER you’re done using the phone. Some people don’t realize that this feature is on for about 30 seconds as a default for all phones. So just by changing it to half that time or even shorter will save you a great deal of battery life. And the last simple way to save some battery life is to make sure that all the apps that you have running on the phone are closed out and exited when your done. Most people don’t realize that when you start running an app and lets say a call comes in or your teacher walks (hehe) that the app goes into isle run mode. This means that the app is still running in the background of the phone just ina idle position. Like when your driving a car and you stop and put the gear in idle the car is still running even the car is stopped.

Now lets talk about the common misconception that over charging your battery ruins it. This is the 211h century people; we are running on the most advanced batteries you can find. Most cell phones use what’s called lithium batteries. These batteries have a protective circuit that stops the overcharging from harming the battery in any way.

So that’s it for today techies and seniors! Have a great weekend and remember to charge your phone =)

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